By signing up to participate in our classes, you agree to be bound by our Terms and Conditions set out below.  

If you do not agree with any of these Terms and Conditions, please do not participate in our classes.  

We reserve the right to change, update or reissue these Terms and Conditions at any time. Any such changes will be posted to our Website and you agree to be bound by such changes. 

1. Medical Warning

Please consult your doctor or healthcare professional before starting a new form of exercise. 

Our instructions are a guidance only and we ask that you work at your own pace and stop immediately if you feel pain or discomfort and inform your instructor.  You must notify your instructor if you have any pre-existing injuries or medical conditions which may impact your practice.  

By undertaking Pilates you acknowledge that you do so at your own risk and the instructors and Central Pilates will not be held liable for any personal injury, loss or liability of whatsoever nature arising as a result of, or in connection with, your undertaking of any such exercise program or following advice contained on our website or given by our instructors.  

2. Prices and Booking

Current prices and timetables are displayed on our Website.  From time to time, our prices may change and these will be notified on the Website and via email communication.  Group classes are limited to four, privates are one-to-one and duets a maximum of two people. Classes are by appointment only and can be made by booking online, emailing or calling. 

3. Cancellation Policy 

Due to the small size of our studio we have a strict 24-hour cancellation policy.  Class bookings can be cancelled online by logging into your account or by calling or emailing the studio.  

4. Class Packs

All classes must be pre-paid before attending.  You may do this when booking your place in a class, via a pre-paid pack or as a casual attendee. Class packs are non-transferrable and non-refundable. 

Pre-purchased packs have expiration dates and must be used in a specified period. Packs can be put on hold in case of holidays and extended illness. 

5. Conditions of Entry

Central Pilates reserves the right to refuse entry to, or eject from the studio, clients or others who are behaving in an anti-social, intoxicated, disorderly, aggressive, offensive or dangerous manner or in any manner which may threaten the security of our clients or other people at the studio. You are required to treat all persons and property at the studio with all due care and respect.

For hygiene purposes students are required to wear fresh socks and are asked to bring a towel to the studio. Pilates grip socks can be purchased in studio.

For the enjoyment of all participants in your class please turn off all mobile phones unless extenuating circumstances. 

6. Personal Safety and Acceptance of Risk

By attending our Studio and participating in Pilates classes, you will be performing physical activity and exercise which has an inherent risk of personal injury. Participating in Pilates is undertaken at your own risk.

You must inform your instructor if there are any risks to your health by participating in Pilates, such as any pre-existing injuries, illness, muscle soreness/discomfort or are pregnant, prior to commencement. Participating in any form of exercise at our Studio with a Medical Condition is done entirely at your own risk.

You acknowledge that your participation in any form of exercise at our Studios may involve risks, including the risk of personal injury.  Clients are advised to seek medical advice prior to commencing any exercise program if they are in any doubt about their ability to engage in exercise.

By participating in our classes, you agree that our liability in relation to recreational services (as that term is defined in section 139A of the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (Cth)) for any death, physical or mental injury (including aggravation, acceleration or recurrence of any such injury), the contraction, aggravation or acceleration of a disease, the coming into existence, aggravation, acceleration or recurrence of any other condition, circumstance, occurrence, activity, form of behaviour, course of conduct or state of affairs that is or may be harmful or disadvantageous to you or the community, or that may result in harm or disadvantage to you or the community, that may be suffered by you as a result of the supply of recreational services by Central Pilates is hereby excluded, save that this limitation of liability does not apply to significant personal injury suffered by you as a result of reckless conduct by Central Pilates in supplying the recreational services.  

Central Pilates will seek consent to use tactile cueing and adjustment methods, or make physical contact with you for correction purposes. Please inform your instructor if you don’t wish to receive tactile adjustments.

7. Pregnancy

Our group classes are safe for pregnant women to attend. Please seek advice from your doctor or health professional before commencement. 

8. Your Personal Information

Your personal information collected by us in accordance with these Terms and Conditions will at all times be dealt with in accordance with our Privacy Policy, a copy of which can be viewed in full here .

9. Limitation of Liability

Except for any liability that cannot be excluded by law, Central Pilates excludes all liability (whether under the law of contract, tort or otherwise), for any personal injury, loss or damage (including but not limited to loss of opportunity, loss of reputation or goodwill, loss of privacy or loss or corruption of information or data); whether direct, indirect, special or consequential, arising in any way out of your attendance at our classes. This includes but is not limited to any theft, unauthorised access or third party interference.

This limitation of liability applies even if Central Pilates has been expressly advised of potential loss.