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Pilates For Healing

August 6, 2018

For a lot of people when there is mention of pilates there follows an assumption that it’s another form of exercise like yoga. In some ways it is true, many of the exercises come from a base of yoga, there is the essential connection of the breath to the movement, principles of awareness and concentration and there is an element of strength and mobility to each exercise.Similarly, with yoga there are many styles and hybrids of pilates. I like to think we practice a nice mix of traditional pilates broken down for accessibility as we work towards mastering Joseph Pilates’ exercises based on each individual student’s needs. There is a  feeling that Pilates is missing the spiritual and emotional aspect that is so well known to yoga. It is true there is no chanting, mantras or deities but there is definitely a spiritual connection to the self through focus, concentration and awareness. 


It’s winter. It’s cold. The days are shorter. It rains a lot. The body is creaky. 

Most people would much rather head to a bar and warm up with some wine or head out to dinner and load up on those hearty warming foods the body so badly craves at this time of the year. Just because the weather has dropped doesn’t mean the fitness routine should too. In fact this is the time to be working out and staying active because with the cold comes stiffer muscles and joints as we consume less water, there is less moisture in the air and the body uses more energy to stay warm. And we all know summer bodies are made in winter.


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