Meet The Team

Dorothea, Corporate Programs Manager

In a previous life Dorothea worked in the highly demanding and often challenging world of television. For the deadline-bound, lunchtime yoga classes were a welcome respite from the energetic pace and offered a clarity and focus for the rest of the day that a three o’clock coffee  couldn’t compete with.

Dorothea is the master of the mat with over 10 years of teaching under her activewear. Pilates, yoga and dance are her specialty so if it’s moving with freedom and intention you’re after, Dorothea is your go to. A session with Dorothea can include Pilates, yoga, meditation and mindfulness, breathing techniques and short exercise sequences that can be done anywhere.

Here is an example of exercises Dorothea may add to a session and read about why CPS Corporate Wellbeing came to be.

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Michele, Corporate Programs Manager

Michele is the other half of the brains behind CPS Corporate Wellness and has clocked up over 30 years in the health and fitness industry. A belief that wellbeing is multidimensional is the reason she approaches health and fitness holistically.

Michele is a magical massage therapist, Pilates instructor and fitness trainer. Her super power is the ability to understand a person’s mental, emotional and physical barriers and limitations and to move past these blockages with encouragement and education to reach the full potential of everyone she works with.

If it’s massage, Pilates, circuit classes or plant making workshops you’re after, Michele is your go to.

Contact us to find out how Michele can help with the wellbeing of your employees. 

Reka, Certified Life Coach & Neurolinguistic-Programing Practioner

Reka has the ability to discover a person’s entire life story in one meeting, such is her curiosity and ability to get people to open up. The creator of The Mind’s Playground, she is a certified Life Coach and Neuro-Linguistic Programing (NLP) practitioner. Reka’s approach is different to most other life coaches in that she uses creative and playful methods to discover and attain her client’s true goals in work and life by overcoming self-doubt and lack of self-esteem. Her clients might find themselves building sandcastles at the beach, drawing pictures while sipping on wine, going for a long walking trek or sitting for a few minutes practicing mindfulness. Through various exercise techniques Reka assists her clients to set achievable goals. She’s like a personal cheerleader, the one cheering “yes you can” and encouraging every step of the way. 

Reka’s workshops can include mindfulness and meditation techniques; creative expression; how to discover your goal in life; is work/life balance achievable? ; and techniques for better self-esteem and positivity. If you’re workplace needs a little help with setting and achieving goals, Reka is your go to.

Contact us to find out how Reka can help with the wellbeing of your employees. 

Shreen, Certified Intuitive Eating Counsellor, Group Fitness Instructor & Wellness Coach

Shreen is a ball of infectious energy. She is a Body Positive and Health At Every Size Personal Trainer, Certified Intuitive Eating Counsellor and the owner of Be You Be Free, a health and wellbeing community.

Unlike many other health programs, Be You Be Free does not focus on weight loss, transformations, or diets. The programs are based around fun and sustainable health and wellbeing behaviours such as self-care, breathing, emotional wellbeing, intuitive eating, fun exercise, work-life balance and mindfulness amongst others.

Shreen is very passionate about promoting a positive body image and helping others break free from diet culture, so they can spend their time on the things that matter to them the most. There is a lot of misinformation on dieting and fitness out there and she wants to change that through the unique and inspiring program that she has created from her own experiences and education.

If your workplace needs a side of fun with exercise, or your employees could do with a little help  finding food freedom and building self-confidence and self-respect, then you need Shreen.  Shreen is in charge of the hula hooping classes, smoothie masterclasses and “food as medicine” workshops.

Contact us to find out how Shreen can help with the wellbeing of your employees. 


Tanya, Relationship Counsellor, Somatic & Clinical Sexologist

Tanya is the sex positive, pro-diversity, non-judgmental clinical counsellor and sexologist. She has been helping people with relationships and sexual issues; trauma; sex coaching; erotic awakening and engagement; embodiment; and self-esteem and anxiety for over 14 years.

Tanya’s perfect-for-radio voice can be heard regularly on Triple J, ABC Life Matters, Radio National and her own fortnightly segment on FBI Radio in Sydney (Podcast as Lets Talk About Sex). She also exercises her typing fingers as the resident sexologist for ABC Life online.

Tanya’s all-inclusive approach and sharp sense of humour makes her workshops fun and engaging. Workshop topics can include: Body positivity; How to have a good fight; Avoiding discrimination in the office; Relationships – bullying/intimidation; Prioritising your relationship over your work life; Avoiding burnout and managing stress; “Let’s get comfortable talking about the uncomfortable”.

If achieving better communication and relationships is what your workplace needs, look no further than Tanya.

Contact us to find out how Tanya can help with the wellbeing of your employees. 


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