We’ve been celebrating the original Pilates matwork series on Instagram with all our Pilates friends from around the globe. Each day in March is dedicated to a mat exercise in the order that was designed by Joseph and as appears in his book Pilates’ Return To Life Through Contrology. A really interesting read for anyone that wants to learn a little bit more about the Pilates Method.

The Exercises

The Hundred – The Roll Up – The Roll Over – The One Leg Circle – Rolling Back – The One Leg Stretch – The Double Leg Stretch – The Spine Stretch – Rocker With Open Legs – The Cork-Screw – The Saw – The Swan Dive – The One Leg Kick – The Double Kick – The Neck Pull – The Scissors – The Bicycle – The Shoulder Bridge – The Spine Twist – The Jack Knife – The Side Kick – The Teaser – The Hip Twist With Stretched Arms – Swimming – The Leg-Pull – Front – Leg-Pull – The Side Kick Kneeling – The Side Bend – The Boomerang – The Seal – The Crab – The Rocking – The Control Balance – The Push Up

Sometimes the exercises are modified in the studio in order to make them accessible to everyone but the essence and purpose remains the same. The mat exercises are the basis of the equipment Pilates and can be done anywhere. Great to learn for traveling or when access to the Pilates studio is limited.

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