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Central Pilates Studio is a fully equipped boutique studio in Ultimo, Sydney. Incorporating the six principles of Pilates – breath, centre, flow, concentration, control and precision –  we focus on injury prevention and functional movement.

How you will become stronger

We specialise in rehabilitation, muscular and joint dysfunction, chronic pain management, sport specific conditioning and general health and fitness. At Central Pilates, you will be stronger and fitter through specific exercise programs and education designed to address your condition/s. Through awareness of your body, we facilitate change by encouraging you to incorporate your new-found knowledge into your everyday life and all other forms of physical activity. 

Your tailored Pilates experience

You will start with an Initial Consultation during which we’ll chat about your body, how you move and your medical history. Afterwards, you can choose to move into a group session or continue with private one-on-one sessions. Our group sessions are kept small with a maximum of four participants so you can be sure you’re being looked after. Privates and semi-privates are also encouraged if you prefer that little bit of extra attention. When you come into the studio leave your shoes and worries at the door, switch off your phone and wear comfortable clothing you can easily move in. For an hour you will have the opportunity to focus on yourself and take a break from the world.

I started my Pilates practise at Central Pilates Studio after a back injury in 2016. Following an initial assessment, I commenced with very gentle exercises. My exercise program was continuously altered in line with training progress and increasing strength. There is rarely a time when I do the same exercise twice. This keeps things interesting and challenging for mind and body.I greatly appreciate the friendly and personal atmosphere in the studio with small class sizes compared to other studios. There is always something to laugh about or new to learn. As a result, time flies and the training doesn’t appear to be a chore. I strongly recommend Central Pilates Studio to everyone who wants to establish a Pilates practise or is on the lookout for a new studio. Dorothea, the owner, as well as the other instructors, are very knowledgeable and experienced. Also, the studio appears to be very well equipped and is conveniently located in close proximity to Central station.
Dorothea is a wonderful instructor and my fellow students are excellent company. I go every Thursday and I feel rejuvenated for the weekend. She has gradually ramped up my exercise, starting with recovery from a bike accident into building my strength and flexibility. Truly a transformative experience. Thank you
Going to this studio each week is more like going to de-stress with friends. The vibe is so welcoming and the instructors are all amazing
Great attention to detail and teaching that focuses clearly on your body and its strengths and capabilities. Very highly recommended.
Love my Thursday pilates classes, Dorothea is awesome and attentive!
Excellent instructors, equipment and vibe.
After visiting a number of Sydney Pilates studios I joined this studio about ten years ago. The group classes are a perfect balance of personalised attention (usually four to a class) and focussed individual programmes. The studio is very pleasant, location great, choice of times very good too. The clientele is a great mix of age and fitness; the instructors are excellent.
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